The Mermaid of Caves Beach

Nestled away in Swansea, New South Wales, lies a dynamic coast line known as Caves Beach. The playfully ominous waves have provided a labyrinth of deep, echoing caves and endless rock pools that are bursting with colourful specks of life.

Freak Shakes at The Depot on Darby Street

When you're feeling an overwhelming craving for sweet, chocolaty, creamy indulgence, there is nothing more fitting then a Freak Shake. Whilst a relatively new obsession in the UK, Australia has been perfecting their creation for quite some time now, and it's going to be near impossible to beat.

Sunshine across Lake Macquarie

There was one place that really stole my heart in Australia, and that was Lake Macquarie. The stunning lake that features unoccupied islands and secret beaches is quite literally a stones throw from my boyfriends home. Less then a two minute walk, I spent most of my time strolling to the lake to admire the vibrant scenery, be it sunrise, sunset or sunshine. 

My Carry On Beauty Essentials for a Long Haul Flight

A beauty bag may sound like the least of your worries when you’re preparing for a 24 hour flight, but a little bag of grooming treats will freshen you up, keep your skin hydrated and make sleep and flight stopovers far more bearable. I also found having some sort of pampering routine helped to keep me sane and broke up the duration of my flight. Not only will your skin thank you, but so will your fellow passengers who will appreciate the fact you’re wearing deodorant! Here's what I pack in my carry on every time I fly. 

REVIEW: Jasper Conran at London Fashion Week AW16

As the fashionable and fabulous descended onto a once unimportant car park on Brewer Street in Soho, I was trying to take in as many London Fashion Week updates as I could, be it on the other side of the world.

Blog contributor and fellow traveller Zoe (@zoeclaireroberts) attended LFW on my behalf, frequently updating my Instagram and twitter to bring my followers, and myself, hot off the press action. The response was hugely positive, especially as she covered Jasper Conrans radiant AW16 collection.

Jasper Conrans presentation of 38 looks was a celebration of autumnal hues and architectural influences, as the catwalk flooded with vibrant, dynamic and classic looks.

Long Live Our Wardrobes: 15 Garment Care Tips Everyone Should Know

In celebration of their 10th consecutive season as the Official Garment Care Supplier of London Fashion Week, LG have been conducting some pretty interesting, and rather eye-opening research about the way we deal with spills and stains on our precious garments. The research is quite surprising, and highlights just how much we value clean and flawless clothes. The research found that a third of people actually called off first dates, nights out or cancelled a job interview because of a food or drink mishap. The research even found that one in five men will pull out of a career changing opportunity due to stains and 17% of women would take the day off work. I'll certainly admit to spilling drinks and food down me (life tip - always bring a long scarf) but 90% of people wouldn't tell someone if they had a mishap. This got me thinking, as a freelance fashion stylist and cake baker I've gathered some real gems of advice when it comes to stain removal and garment care. I'd hate to think a friend would cancel a night out simply because of some spilt foundation, especially when I have a tried and tested way of getting it out! So here are some tips and tricks that have saved me some embarrassment, and certainly extended the life of many of my clothes.