Work it Girl! 4 Stationary Essentials To Keep you Inspired and Organised

I'm such a magpie when it comes to stationary. When I want to get organised and stay focused, treating myself to a dreamy notebook instantly makes me feel like I'm a woman on a mission. It makes noting down those important dates and ticking off to-do lists that little bit more enjoyable and keeps me feeling motivated.

5 Romantic Perfumes to give this Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is one of my favourite holidays of the year. Shops are filled with heart shaped truffles, blush pink gifts and the years first hint of blooming flowers. Throw in a date night, a glass of champaign and a spritz of my favourite fragrance and I'm one happy girl. 

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but perfumes tick all the boxes for being personal, romantic and a gift to enjoy for months to come. Just remember...

'I've got too many perfumes' - said no woman, ever. 

2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Their First Home

Christmases spent in your very first home deserve a little more attention. Whether they've gathered their favourite belongings and moved into their first uni pad, or their already an experienced home wears enthusiasts and have just got the keys to their very own home, it's a time filled with excitement. 

2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Mums

If we could give our mums the sun, moon and stars then we would. Christmas is the perfect time to spoil her, especially since she spent so many years making Christmas magical. Gifts that pamper, relax and add a little bit of luxury always go down well with mums, and lets face it – they absolutely deserve it!

My Favourite Alternative Christmas Advent Calendars 2016

Opening up door number 1 on an advent calendar is always a joyous moment. It means Christmas is well and truly on it’s way and the glitzy decorations can begin to make an appearance. That little chocolate robin hidden behind a door can make even the chilliest of December mornings something to look forward too. But over the past few years advent calendars have become even more magical, rekindling that charm we all felt as children. Beauty and gift calendars make memorable early presents that can be enjoyed long before the big day, or as a daily treat amongst the manic merriment and endless to-do-lists.

I’ve selected my three favourite calendars for the festive season to count down in style. Take a look and let me know your favourites too.

Review: Sudio Vasa Bla Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

It’s always exciting to stumble upon innovation, to experience tomorrow’s technology and be reminded that everything is evolving. Earphones have remained uneventfully familiar right through my growing up, but the launch of iPhone 7 earlier this month brought to the forefront a very modern way to enjoy sound. 

It’s easy to imagine how Bluetooth earphones can integrate into everyday life, letting us run, dance, work and ponder with full enthusiasm and movement. There’s no chance of getting wires tangled, or having your favourite tune rudely ripped from your ear as you jump from your seat. Wireless is definitely the way to go, and Sudio Sweden is a brand that's leading the pack.